Building Livekeys

All modules for Livekeys are available through qmake projects. To compile Livekeys you need to have Qt 5.6 or higher, and Open CV 3.1 or higher. On windows, OPENCV_DIR environment variable needs to be set, or you can configure the variable whithin the source code of Livekeys in projects/3rdparty/opencv.pri before compiling.

You can build the application either by opening in QtCreator and building from there, or by manually running qmake in your build directory:

cd build
qmake -r ..
make (or nmake)


Livekeys is split into 3 main modules:

  • The application, containing the visual elements and the runtime types
  • The editor, containing components for projects and editing
  • The plugins, containing the plugins you can import, some of which can also be linked to as libraries in ordeer to provide common transferable types.

Further down, the editor contains the lcveditor_cpp module, which you can link to in order to provide editor functionality to Livekeys(e.g. palettes, code completion, highlighting for different file types)

The plugins module then contains the live plugin, which offers components for live coding and communication with Livekeyss interface, and lcvcore library which offers computer vision specific main types (mostly named after Open CV). You link to them as libraries in order to create Livekeys specific plugins.

It's also important to note that Livekeys as an application is mostly plugin based, so we can for example disable all Open CV based plugins from our build configuration, and build Livekeys outside of Open CV dependencies. All QtQuick based plugins are compatible by default, and you can build any plugins derived from those without having to link to any Livekeys libraries.