What is LiveKeys ?

I. a. An environment specialized in live coding.

LiveKeys is all about coding live. Everything you type will automatically change the application without the need to manually recompile.

I. b. Pushing the boundaries of live coding.

Meet LiveKeys's customizable palettes.

  • Palettes are visual items that provide a connection between the code and runtime. They control values they bind to and also, in reverse, monitor the value within the application.
  • They are customizable per type. A type can have multiple palettes available. A number for example could be edited through a dial, a slider, a graph, etc.
  • Palettes can also write code. The section covered by the palette will be updated with new values from the palette, allowing the user to generate code through graphical environments.
  • Since palettes monitor application values and also write code, they can also generate a connection for the application to modify the code it's running on.

II. Component-based.

Within LiveKeys, components can be filters or UI elements, that communicate with each other through connections. This makes them swappable depending on the context they're in. Worker lines can be created this way.

III. Extendable.

Components are wrapped in plugins and then packages, which are installable through the package manager. Plugins not only provide import types, but also can extend different features from LiveKeys (support for more languages, highlighting, palettes).

IV. Self editing

LiveKeys allows editors to synchronize and reference the same document. Fragment editors work only on parts of a larger document, so you can use multiple fragment editors on the same document, and place them side by side.

Add an Editor, set it to edit the document it was placed on, and you have an editor that's editing itself. You can place editors in different environments that you might need later, even in 3D applications allowing you to modify the application within the application. Palettes become automatically available throughout this.

A scripting front-end for anything.

The best way to define LiveKeys is a fast scripting frontend for any modern library. It allows their functionality to connect to an environment with a wide network of components, UI elements and interactions that can be interconnected together in a matter of seconds.