The power of combining

Visual Scripting

Visual scripting allows users to work, automate and manipulate data with no programming experience.


Live Coding

Complex components that handle logic are created and edited through live coding, a process where code is injected live into the application.

Livekeys connects the two seamlessly, allowing users to choose at any time how they want to work in order to get the fastest outcome.

I. Define your own UI

Livekeys works directly with data. Users can choose how they want to work with that data by picking from all the available user interfaces that type of data supports.

II. Code anywhere in your dataflow

Configure your dataflow by developing customized components wherever needed.

III. A continous cycle

Plugins and packages allow Livekeys to be extended by importing libraries, user interfaces and documents directly into the application. Writing a plugin is easy, and contributes to a rapidly growing ecosystem.